Friday 15 March 2024

Professor, Proficiently & Purposefully Pick Pupils

This tool keeps your hits random, so none of your pupils ever have to feel left out.

Choose participants for any group activity. The concept derives from spinner wheels, and various random picker ideas at websites devoted to this type of classroom necessity.

Class123 is one very special site which was temporarily closed at the time of making this video. I hope they soon get back to business. The project appeared to be funded by a non-profit aimed to improve public education in Korea.
This LibreOffice solution will suit many classroom contexts, but not others. For example, if there is no large monitor or a computer in the classroom.

I found assistance in making this tool from various people on the internet. The macros were generated after laboriously sifting through many suggestions. LLM's such as Gemini and ChatGPT failed to render any solutions while I worked on macros for ppts or odts (LibreOffice Impress presentations). It appeared that there were no human beings with the necessary level of expertise, who had written and shared publicly, the exact macro I needed. I eventually turned to solutions for a spreadsheet. I found a lot of human-generated (genuine intelligence?) solutions.

Thanks to Anna FJ Smith Morris at who took the time, many years ago, to simplify procedures described by JohnSUN at ask.libreoffice, in which he described how to shuffle words in LibreOffice spreadsheets. The LLM tool at followed my prompt and combined natural intelligence solutions from internet forums, with an AI generated one of its own, to produce a working macro appearing in the spreadsheet appearing in this video. The macro is written in BASIC code for LibreOffice.

My own learners have grown to like this tool since I started using it this week. Some credit should therefore also go to them for having informed additional elements, for example, the progress or scoring element. I have some more ideas that will inform another spreadsheet. Let's continue patiently and proficiently giving learners fun-filled learning activities!