Tuesday 8 November 2011

Never Forget, Never Forgive

The gravest mistakes are certainly those which lead to human suffering on a massive scale. How intense is our regret when our mistakes could have been avoided.

Forgetting that UN resolution 3379 declared zionism to be a form of racism and racial discrimination.
Forgetting that 3379 is the only resolution ever to be revoked  in the history of the UN (3379 was revoked in 1991 by Resolution 46/86)
Forgetting that resolution 46/86 contains absolutely no motivation - it merely determined the action to be taken, viz. to revoke resolution 3379
"The general assembly decides to revoke the determination contained in its resolution 3379 (XXX) of 10 November 1975." 
Forgetting that the 111 nations which supported 46/89 did so because it was the only path on a very long road to peace - Israel having made the revoking of 3379 a condition to participation in the 1991 Madrid conference -
We can't ignore that we are still on that long road today.

In presenting Resolution 46/86 in 1991, president Bush stated that any criticism of zionism, "an idea" that established a home for Jews in the Middle East, was 1) intolerable because it threatened Israel's right to exist 2) went against the objectives of peace

 Bush stated that to criticise 'zionism' was the same as to "forget the terrible plight of Jews in World War II and, indeed, throughout history".

Reminding members that the UN principles of tolerance, respect for neighbours and world peace, are principles that make any criticism of Israel impossible. He argued that Israel is "a member of good standing of the United Nations".

 Bush was merely stating an opinion, of course. Notwithstanding the USA having vetoed (give or take) 45 resolutions that were critical of Israel, between 1967 and 1989, a total of 131 resolutions were passed by the UN Security Council concerning Israel's targeting of it's neighbours, those within it's territories, or resolutions concerning international boundaries. This number of 131 doesn't included resolutions by the General Assembly of nations. The Human Rights Council has passed more resolutions condemning Israel than all resolutions dealing with every other state combined.

 Not only are Bush's statements cold and lifeless, without substance, they are also insensitive, for they blatantly negate the living existence of refugees made landless as a result of the state of israel. In order for israel to exist, a nation is systematically being removed from the pages of history. Palestinians are in an extremely weak position, negotiating from the receiving end of the gun, with Israel and it's allies refusing to concede anything. Moreover, israel encroaches on the territory of Palestine on a daily basis by illegally establishing settlements, then redrawing the boundaries of it's so-called state in order to safeguard those illegal settlements. This ongoing land theft is a de facto threat to any future State of Palestine.

 A commentary by by Noam Sheizaf concerning the Palestine Papers, leaked conversations between negotiators, reveals the horrific reality of these claims. He cites the papers here:
Udi Dekel (Israel):  As you know, our guiding principles are UNSC Res. 242, the need for boundaries that can provide security for Israel, and we’re talking about the situation on the ground, as per Pres. Bush’s letter.
Samih al-Abed (Palestinian):  Do you mean the situation as it was then, or now?
UD: Reality now… But we’re not going to argue.  We can’t change reality on the ground.  We don’t see the 1967 border as a reference, first because we don’t even know exactly where the line is
SA: We have all the maps that were signed by you.
UD: But that wasn’t exactly the line on the ground.
SA: If not the 1967 line, then what is your reference?
UD: We said already, the situation on the ground.
Source: Noam Sheizaf,  'Palestine Papers: an end to the myth of Israel's generosity', January 2011

on the American side of the table are such callous statements as those made by Hilary Clinton, reported by the Guardian:

Why were the Palestinians "always in a chapter of a Greek tragedy", secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, asked at a meeting with Erekat in Washington in the autumn of 2009.
Or those by her predecessor Rice who, speaking about the plight of the Palestinians, said
"Bad things happen to people all around the world all the time."
Source: Guardian, January 2011

  A wise dictum is to Never forget, Never Forgive that the goodwill of humanity has been abused countless times over. Each time an appeal to our sympathies has been made, we have seen that we are abused again. Our innocence led to us opening Pandora's box. Returning the world to what it should be, we have to remain hopeful and apply intelligence and caution.
art illustration pandora
Pandora's Box - Arthur Rackham